finding meaning in a modern world



My name is Annie and I live in Los Angeles with my two daughters, Sarah and Sadie, and my husband, Michael.  I grew up in Austin, Texas in the eighties and nineties.  I went to UT for a while, but ended up taking the scenic route and wound up with a degree in photography from Brooks Institute.

My journey for meaning began at the ripe old age of five when I realized that if God lived in everything, like my parents told me, it meant he was living in the rock work outside my father’s apartment and that was just too damn weird to be true.

I’ve pretty much been fascinated by anything spiritual, psychological, or soulful ever since.

I have a very open minded view of spirituality and the soul.  I understand what people mean when they say they’re not religious, but they’re spiritual.  I agree with Joseph Campbell, who said that religion is misunderstood myth, but I’m not an agnostic or atheist because I don’t think that makes it any less magical or meaningful.

In addition to pontificating by belly button, I’ve also been writing my whole life.  I’m an avid journalizer, blogger and screenplay writer.

I hope you enjoy my site.  More importantly, I hope you add to it by sharing your ideas and feelings.  I really love to hear them.

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