finding meaning in a modern world



The name Sophia means wisdom.

Everyone wants wisdom.  Even if they’re not be pursuing it, they’d take it if it was handed to them.

But, how do you get wisdom?  How do you find her?

Not by keeping a gratitude journal, or visualizations, or affirmations, or delivering warm meals to the elderly, or meditating thirty minutes a day, or being a good friend.

These are works and works matter, but they don’t lead to wisdom.

They don’t enlighten or give lasting meaning or strengthen your soul. They don’t give you the twinkle in the eye at ninety five that says you did it on your terms and have no regrets.

If they did, we wouldn’t always be dallying out of them. We’ve all put down our journals, skipped yoga class and gone off our diets, because they felt good, but they weren’t enough.  If they had been, we’d all be “there” by now.

Perhaps the problem is in where we perceive the lack.  We’ve always assumed problems arise from spiritual lack.

Sophia, the goddess of wisdom, was often portrayed by the ancients as the “world soul.”  Perhaps her absence in the religions of today indicates our woes are not due to a lack of spirituality, but a lack of soulful wisdom and therefore, a lack of meaning.

There’s a saying, “Wisdom has a grain of salt in it.”

Wisdom is worldly.  It isn’t pure or lofty.  It’s every day.  Sophia doesn’t dwell in the ecstatic height of spiritual ecstacy.  She lives down here in the dirt, with us.  She has the answers because she’s been up to the summit and back down a thousand times. She knows how to live here yet be from there.

This space is dedicated to finding and celebrating wisdom, soul and meaning amid the messy, confusing, and fast modern world.

In short, this site is dedicated to modern day Sophia.

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